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I’m curious, and remember that doesn’t just mean smut. It also means gore, violence, abuse and stuff around those lines


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Put one in my ask box for a text my muse would send to yours


# for a random text
@ for a middle of the night text
* for a drunk text
+ for a loving text
÷ for a depressed text
= for a scared text
& for a curious text
$ for a accidental text
¥ for a drugged text

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-scoffs unhappily and decides it’s not even worth it and goes downstairs-

-hears the silence and sighs- Fucking finally. Get out or my room Kingsley. Why the hell are you even here?

Shut up! -puts more pillows on top and then his blanket- Leave me alone!


No. Don’t even do that. -picks him up and shoves him under his pillow before laying on it so he couldn’t see or hear him-

I don’t need your money. Besides, you’re probably lying. I know you. Now fuck off. If you came here for Jack then you can take him for the day. I don’t care just leave me alone.

No you’re fucking not. -shoves him off of the bed-


God damn it! -grabs the demons wrist and pulls it away, slapping him in the face after- Fuck off!



I didn’t initiate anything! Get your hand out of my pants!

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